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*Please feel free to register your students online through the Registration page to be placed on my waiting list should there be any withdrawals. Please see the Registration page for details. All forms can be printed off the FILE AREA found on the RESOURCES page.*

If you are here, I want to thank you for taking the time to satisfy your curiosity and possibly opening the door to the wonder that is music in your life or the life of a family member! Music has a beautiful way of giving you an outlet for emotional expression when words just don't seem enough. Through music, life's experiences become manageable and characters can take the stage. I often tell my students that the imagination is the greatest tool you can possess when learning musical expression. 

My name is Stacy Cole and I am the sole instructor within Key Sounds Studio. This studio is located in my home on the East side of Abbotsford, BC (near the Abby-Mission Hwy). In the past 26 years of teaching I have had the privilege of teaching students from ages 4-65. You are never too old to take on the challenge of music. If you have the drive and interest in learning, please email me for more information, pricing, and schedule times. You may also read about details of how the studio is run on the Policy page.

If your child is showing signs of musicality at an early age I encourage you to think about enrolling them in a music program. Within music lessons your child will learn the tools needed for a successful education in school and life. Perseverance, discipline, self-confidence, co-ordination, problem-solving, social interaction, and enhanced mathematics are only some of the skills that can be learned; so even if they do not pursue music as a career, this is a vital investment in their character and work ethic.

Although I do stress a Classical program through the Royal Conservatory of Music I also have a substantial musical library at all levels to challenge students wanting to learn using a more "Popular Music" program. There is no set program needed to learn as long as you practice.

If you are looking for a teacher for a beginning student, a transfer student, or if you are an adult and want to try something new please email me at keysoundsstudio@gmail.com and I will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have. For more information please contact me.

Thank you for taking the time to visit this site.


Stacy Cole ARCT, RMT